Monday, 11 May 2015

13 Style Rules That’ll Help Any Guy Look Taller (via BuzzFeed)

Source: BuzzFeed Style

1. The easiest way to gain an inch? Stand up straight!
2. Go for a skinnier tie.

3. Dress monochromatically 

Do what Martin Freeman does, and wear one pattern, or one colour family all over. It’ll avoid breaking the body line.

4. But skip the Man In Black look 

Black weirdly has a habit of shrinking you down (hello, Zac Efron) and making you appear smaller than you actually are. Instead, opt for a charcoal grey or blue suit. 

5. When buying a suit, consider these factors.

6. Invest in tailoring 

This is a no-brainer, but tailoring can seriously transform a good outfit into a great outfit. When it comes to fooling the eye and transforming your silhouette, taking things in to make them fit your body is what will have the biggest impact. Yes, it can cost you, but it can make a huge difference between looking a bit sloppy and lazy to seeming totally put together and on top of it.

7. Keep your shirts shorter.

8. And your hair, too.
9. No horizontal stripes.
10. Go for a “no break” look in your pants.

11. Keep the waist button on your jacket above your navel 

Like so. It’ll give you the illusion of a longer torso and legs.

12. Wear V-Necks 

The deeper the V, the better, but don't go crazy.

13. Wear your trousers at your waist

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Look of the day for Spring: Urban & Cool

The photograph is sent to me by a dearest friend from a sunny place which I don't envy at all! :)
When it comes to men the ones who take dressing up serious are my favourites. Fashion and being a good looking person is not just for women, right? This friend of mine is one of those!
When we go shopping together even I am the woman it takes him much more longer to leave the shop :D But apparently it is worth it!

His sunny day coffe break style:

Sunnies: Moscot
Leather jacket: Belstaff
Watch: Panerai
T-Shirt: Armani Jeans 

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Look of the day - Casual & Comfy

Anonymous, phorographed in Paris by meninthistown


Friday, 30 January 2015

Are flares back in menswear? (Oh no!)

According to the article on Guardian yes, they are back! The latest menswear shows in Paris and Milan confirm the return of the 1970s style to the catwalk but will it work for 2015? Not that sure!
Urban gents and moto-inspired menswear won’t be happy with this new trend-to-be. Neither the minimal lovers. 

70’s have always been an idol for style but mostly in womenswear. Let’s hope that moustaches won’t come back either!

The only thing I like about modernized 70’s look on menswear is the oversized trend, which we only see for coats. Not flared… Only oversized. 

The Paris shows, which finish this weekend, saw an uptake of the wider trouser. Raf Simons – a designer influenced by street culture – and Valentino, a brand more at home in European mansions, don’t usually have much in common, but both are behind the flares trend. Simons’s came tight on the leg, pooling in volume over round sneakers. Valentino’s were looser and worn with neat blouson jackets. St Laurent’s show, a hot ticket in Paris on Sunday night , is likely to get behind the trend. Its creative director, Hedi Slimane, is always partial to a rock ’n’ roll reference. (Quoted: Guardian)

If you ask me; wider trouser legs are fine. Volume in shoes is ok. Rock-n-Roll look is good too. Hats are always acceptable. But tight on the top part & flared on the bottom part trousers or jeans for men are not. Silky blouse… Oh god please no!

It was Gucci’s show in Milan on Monday that really hailed flares as the new shape. While its creative director, Alessandro Michele, was yet to be officially installed as Frida Giannini’s replacement, he oversaw the design team’s edgy collection of androgynous 70s-influenced separates. The first model sent out on the catwalk signalled a sea change. Long-haired and slim, he wore a red pussybow blouse, sandals and high-waisted flares. (Quoted: Guardian)

“It’s a shape that’s been pushed by more progressive designers, and we’ve certainly seen it being adopted by the style set in London,” said Damien Paul, head of menswear at “I’m curious to see whether other men will respond to it.” He’s not the only one. (Quoted: Guardian)

I blame American Hustle for this!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

TOP 10 T-Shirt List

Less is more and best is the simplest. It's cliche but true. My favourite effortless look for men is pair of jeans and a t-shirt. That's it. Of course you must cool boots and a jacket ow even a beanie but let's go step by step. :)

It's simple, casual, and cool! 
The eye of Kenzo is my number 1 and G-Star and Diesel is two of the best brands when it somes ro street fashion and urban guys. 

Here is my TOP 10 T-shirts pick for you to mix and match with your favourite jeans to get the best urban look.

ETO Jeans UK