Saturday, 21 April 2018

SPRING ISSUES: What to wear at office in-between season

It’s not the easiest thing to pick up an outfit during Spring and Autumn. No matter what you wear you end up being cold or being hot. When you think about the fact that you go to office everyday and you it's now allowed to be naked; it’s quite a struggle to find the perfect office look for spring. We have all been there. Don’t trust the bright sun outside; trust your instincts and this article. Layering is your best friend here. But what to layer? 
All the pieces we wrote down are the ones you already know and have but chasing the trends and street style there may be some pieces down that you might want to add to your wardrobe. 

The most important piece of in-between season: TRENCH COAT 
I’m pretty sure you all have at least one trench coat as a statement piece at your wardrobe but you can’t wear the same trench coat everyday, right? 
Trench coats are literally for every occasion. You can wear it at office, for a casual weekend, and even for a night-out. Be good and have more than 1 trench coat. Be sure they are 3/4 length ones.

LONG SLEEVE SHIRTS as a life saver. 
You can wear a t-shirt in a long sleeve shirt paired with chinos, or you can layer it with a light knit / jersey / henley what ever you feel like. You will be safe in both ways.

Chinos or tailored trousers are good with plaid jackets. You may want to pick a plain t-shirt to pair to have a less-formal look or a shirt with a formal look.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

READY ON BOARD! (What to wear on ski holiday?)

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Yes, mountains calling!
Ready to hit the slopes? One of the coolest sport in the coldest weather with the hottest style! 
While you are testing the powder, be sure that you are testing it in style. Snowboarding might be a very cool sport to do with the speed and the movements but little help with the style wouldn't hurt. 
From military and urban styling to moody earth tones to the comeback of the anorak, 2018 season is swagger-heavy.
PS: Ripzone, Quicksilver, Rossignol, Burton, Moncler, and Phenix among the popular snowboarding/skiing garment manufacturers.

So… Ready, set, go!

Starting with details: Goggles
Ski jackets and trousers are a ‘must’ and mostly similar to each other. Yet the accessories will give you the difference you need. The most attractive glasses on the slopes right now. Here are our favourites:

Safety first. But being safe doesn’t mean being dull. Be bold while choosing your helmet. Here are our favourites:

GoPro Cameras
When you are the sharpest guy on the globe, make sure it is recorded!

Sunglasses are the must-have accessories for 12 months a year. Here are our favourites:

Ski Jackets and Trouser 
We have already said that ski jackets and trousers are similar to each other; it’s always up to you to take step forward. Make sure they fit and makes you the coolest way you are. Here are our favourites:

Also; here's the checklist of what to wear underneath:

  • Vest or jacket (usually fleece) 
  • Turtleneck 
  • Wool sweater (can also be wool blended with another fabric) 
  • Long johns Ski socks

Sunday, 10 September 2017

9 Jackets You Must Have This Season! (AW 2017-2018)

Hi there!
It has been a while since our last blog post :)
It was a crazy summer but we're ready for the new season more than ever! So… Let’s see what to wear in autumn 2017 and winter 2018 √

The sun has faded, the leaves are falling, and you know it's time to rock a killer autumn jacket. Bombers, trench coats, denim jackets — many options to choose! To be honest our favourite ones are patched / slogan printed ones. Because there is too much to say when you pull off a cool outfit!

"Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance." —Arthur Ashe

1. When the weather cools down you may want a cozy and fuzzy jacket.
  Best choice for a cozy and warm feeling while keeping your style. Also the best jacket if you feel lonely. We have to warn you - everyone will want to pet your coat! :) 

2. A classic dude needs a classic trenchcoat! Timeless wardrobe investments. √
A classic trench is one jacket every men needs and must have. Great piece for a timeless and sophisticated look. 

3.  Not to loose your stylish parts to cold weather, bomber jackets are the bests!
For casual and urban look, bomber jackets are in the must-have list. They also go with everything!

4. To be the tough guy try the plaid ones!
Perfect for a weekend look. The plaid jackets - somehow - have a very masculine spirit. Take advantage of it! :)

5. It’s not easy to find the perfect tailored denim jacket.
It takes a life time for some people to find the perfect denim jacket. Not to make you loose more time; here are the mot popular ones.

6. And of course, leather jacket! Bad boys never loose!
Nothing to say about a leather jacket because nothing is more worthy than them! Just go for it!

7. Patched and slogan printed! Our favourite!
When you want to make a statement there ones are the perfect ones! They are cool, urban, casual and stylish! What else you can ask for more?

8. Army jackets at its best.
Another masculine pick. Army and camouflage jackets are always in style. They are the 'safe' ones in fashion world.

9. Hooded jacket: Casual and cool.
Easy to use, goes with everything, comfy, and stylish. So... Just have one!